DIY Pendant Light Artwork From Air Filters


Air filter is a lethal spare part of your car or truck, you get it cleaned and changed frequently in order to keep your vehicle going. These air filters vary according to sizes but are almost the same in shape and material. When a useful life of an air filter is matured it is dumped and scraped. But if we ponder on its beautiful shape then in a glimpse it looks like a beautiful hanging globe outside the house or in the car garage. If I sildenafil online was the one who had to discard this beautifully shaped air filter, I never would have done this, rather I would have gone for making a pendant out of it.

We spend hundreds and thousands on beautiful lighting; here we can make our own cheap pendant with art work and by using these air filters.

In this DIY article the brief description of making this pendant is given. You don’t require many a things, just a piece of floral wrapping art paper, a glue stick, an ordinary bulb and obviously an air filter. First remove its outer metallic net, and wrap the paper around internal circular body of filter with the help of glue, now pass a small bulb inside the filter from upper side which is connected with a bulb holder, wire and a socket. And now hang it with the help of a colorful rope tied firmly and light it up. This DIY Pendant is going to reflect the art employed in it and is going to lighten up your home.

DIY Pendant Light Artwork From Air Filters


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