Upcycled Luminaires Patchworks


Light work is a major segment when it comes to the decoration and beautification of the house. Here in this article we are specifically going to talk about some smartly recycled luminaries that we would be purely recycling from some domestic or house hold accessories, that simply means that they would be stylish, appealing, and at the same time cost effective too. Working on these domestic luminaries was an exciting task, and we are very happy with the final outcomes as the lamps that we ended up with are real master pieces of art that would add much value and charm to your room or wherever you place them.

Luminaires Decor Art

We are starting with this traditional multi colored lamp shade that we have recycled with the patches of multiple fabrics, some printed, some dotted all mixed together in this stylish luminary installation. Fringes on the base are a true depiction of purely traditional craft.
Luminaires Decor Ideas

This one is more or less made following the same pattern. Though the fall of frills and patches is slightly different from the last one. Deliberate designer wrinkles have made it much attractive that is an addition done while stitching, fabric patches used in this luminary are also random.
Luminaires Decor with Patchworks

Here we are deviating a bit from the pattern we followed in a couple of previous creations. First we have made a basic structure with metallic wires turned and joined together forming a shape of bucket, then the each wire is wrapped all along with fabric patches.
Luminaires Decorated with Patchworks

Now this one is entirely the creation of a smart crafter who has used the metallic tin as the base of luminary or side table. And the shade is prepared again in a bit of different manner. Slim fabric stripes are crossed all along the metallic cage all around the luminary.
Luminaires Decoration

Making these luminaries with patch work was so damn easy. We just had to collect a bunch of metallic wire that we all know could easily be molded and shaped. After making the basic frame, we simply wrapped up the frame with random fabric patches and we were all done.
Luminaires Patchworks

All that matters is your pattern that you use while making the domestic luminary. Once you are done with making the inner fame, the rest of work is just so damn easy. You can also make it with reclaimed metallic frame obtained from some discarded lamp that you had long dumped.
Patchworks for Luminaires

With slighter modifications, more or less same pattern is applied to all of these luminaries. The only thing that matters is the inner frame, how actually you have shaped them. Circular, extending outwards, bent downwards or whatever you like according to your taste.
Recycled Textiles Luminaires

As this last one seems to be made with a set pattern where we have used light blue and white fabric on the shade entirely. There are some additional frills hanging all around the luminary, and for some decoration additional fabric patches are also stitched, some knotted and some straight. So just why not to try atleast one of these creative inspirations in a lifetime.
Textiles Upcycled Luminaires Upcycled Patchwork Lamp