Upcycled Wooden Custom Car


I have always been in love with vehicles especially cars. In today’s busy life schedule, car has become probably the most important element. There are a lot of expensive luxury cars out there in the market. Every day changing brands just drive you nuts with their elegance, style and prices. I love many brands like BMW, Mercedes, Bugatti and Rolls Royce. All of them are pretty expensive and hold their own class. Which one is your favorite? While best among the vintage collection is Bugatti 1938 t57c atalante. I got a plan of upcycling this model as wooden custom car. I always love such centerpieces lying on the indoor shelves.

Here in our new project, we are going to give you a new inspiration of upcycling wooden custom car to place in your drawing shelf. This upcycled wooden custom car is such a nice stuff to lure your kids as a toy car as well. We always spend bunch of dollars on different centerpieces to make our home interior more elegant and stylish. This upcycled wooden custom car would be a great addition to your indoor centerpieces. Even your kids are going to love and appreciate it.

In this project, we have given you an inspiration of upcycling a wooden custom car. If I get this wooden custom car upcycled, this would be just like a dream comes true. Honestly speaking, my pocket doesn’t allow me to bring this vintage gem home in real, but who cares. I have planned to upcycle wooden custom car imitating the real one. The delicacy and charm of this upcycled custom car is really a great addition to your home interior. Who cares if you can not afford the real one, upcycle this custom car with wood, and place this beauty right in your front in your bedroom so that you may enjoy its beauty right inside your room all the day long.

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