Wooden Upcycled Cars

A beautiful expensive luxury car is just like a fantasy or a dream. Expensive cars really look like the ones which are hundreds and thousands of dollars spent on. Which one is your dream princess, Limousine, Ferrari, Mercedese Lamborghini or vintage? Oops, looks like the limit is crossed. But here we come with an even bigger and greater idea; do the ugly scars and dents on your new car irritate and hurt you? The main body or structure of your car is made of some metal which needs frequent polishing, denting and painting.  Why not to give a totally new and different look to the auto mobiles changing its entire dimension, make the outer body of your car with up cycled wood, yes! This is not a folly.

There are hundreds and thousands of new and old, cheap and expensive cars on the road. A new BMW on the road do not make any distinction to already running hundreds of BMW’s on the road, but a new BMW shaped car, made or up cycled with wood not the metal, it really is something mind boggling and shaking! Isn’t it? Of course it is. The wooden body of your car is going to give it an entirely different and royal look; you are going to be noticed everywhere for sure, where ever you ride on your new up cycled wooden car. Just buy some old car from the workshop whose body is depreciated to a scrap due to rust but the engine and rest of the parts are repairable. Now make its body by up cycling the wood and color it of your choice relatively near to wood’s natural colors and look, your car is quite different and worth appreciation among all other ordinary branded cars.

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