Trash Can Street Art

It is a well known phrase that charity begins at home. So in order to keep our cities and towns clean, we must begin with personal initiatives. If we intend to change the world, we need to change ourselves first. Cleanliness is a main ingredient or a reflector of a civilized society. We are taught to remain clean and keep our surroundings clean throughout our life but still we do not witness much following of this basic principle. We witness piles and dunes of trash on our roads and street corners. Not only this reflect our filthy grooming, but also affect our health adversely.

To promote cleanliness in our towns, and to take an initiative towards cleanliness, we can inspire people to dump their garbage in beautifully painted trash cans. This street art of trash can is definitely going to attract a lot of people towards discipline and make them realize to keep their surroundings trash free and clean. This trash can art would also attract our kids to learn from their very early age, the virtue and good habit of cleanliness. They would certainly get attracted towards this trash can art, and use it appropriately.

You can paint a trash can as a cartoon character or some other caricature with the words feed me, that would give silent message to feed this trash can with all your wastage and garbage. There is a whole range of different paintings for your trash can, you can go for your favorite one.

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