Tennis Ball Upcycled Crafts


While working with some different house hold accessories and on their recycling projects, a strange idea struck to my mind. And this idea was about the recycling of tennis balls, yes the very tennis ball that is used in tennis and some other sports. I hope many sports men have turned their eyes to this great project. And I think even all the amateur art crafters are invited towards this exciting activity. Tennis balls don’t cost much, so I think this would be something pretty exciting for all of you. So just grab some spare tennis balls lying in your court yard, and get started.

Tennis Ball Cat Bed

Just look at these cute installations, this is about taking care of some petty accessories that are sometimes so damn important in daily life affairs. This is a cute tennis ball recycled key holder, pencils container, and a holder for your hands free.
Tennis Ball Craft Ideas

Making some cute caricatures for the kids is always something pretty exciting. We have made several caricature with different materials, but this one is I think the closest one to the kids because here they would be seeing a tennis ball turning into their best buddy. So just try it out and make your kids happy.
Tennis Ball Crafts

When it comes to the beautification of your vehicle, here again you can resort to the same tennis balls. Though this might look a bit crazy apparently, but for all the art lovers this is something very exciting. Just look at the van all covered with tennis balls, this is a different style of car decoration.
Tennis Ball Decorated Car

We have worked on various mosaic art crafts, but this time we were just going to bring about some change. This time we won’t be using some shaped glass pieces or stones, but for the assemblage we are going to use some tennis balls. And this really turned out to be a smart choice.
Tennis Ball Decorated Table

Tennis is one of my favorite sports. If your are much influenced with the customization, and you are also a tennis player, then just design a different furniture item for your sports time. Make this tennis ball recycled chair and table.
Tennis Ball Furniture

Awwwww… I am just loving this cute mail holder. If you are fed up of the old boring ideas and want to do something different, just try this great tennis ball repurposed mail holder with the blinking eyes on the front.
Tennis Ball Recycled Holder

And the tennis ball ideas are not confined to mere decoration pieces, you can make such a most practical use out of this. We have used the skin of tennis ball in making this trainer or sports shoes which would perfectly look great in a tennis match. In none of the ways its looks and durability is lesser than those market based trainers.
Tennis Ball Shoes

Finally what would you say about this exquisite hand bracelet? It has got the color, style, impression and ll to be a perfect accessory. In this project your cutting skills are going to be tested and that’s it, while the ultimate product is far superior than the effort you did for this specific project.
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