Fabric Arts and Crafts Ideas


Every one of us is familiar with fabric. Every one of us also uses fabric in one way or other. Our practical life is not possible without use of fabric. We use it in form of clothes primarily, as curtains of our drawing or bedroom, as bed spreads. Whenever we use fabric, we are always left with some leftover pieces of fabric. We are here with the inspiration of fabric arts and crafts ideas. Fabric is widely used in arts and craft ideas, this could be considered as a best material in several arts and crafts ideas. The prime focus of our website has remained on recycling trivial house hold stuff into practical art craft ideas.

My granny used to preserve the leftover pieces of fabric and make many tiny dresses for kids and used in several other art crafts. You always use fabric in daily life, meters and meters of fabric is used in curtains, and while you are getting your suit stitched. Do not waste the leftover pieces, do not trash them. But the better option is to use them in fabric made arts and crafts ideas. We buy many fabric made products from the market against bunch of dollars, the why not to make these fabric items at your own with the left over pieces of fabric. You would really admire these fabric made crafts.

Whether you are interested in making colorful cartoon characters with the fabric, or you have an idea of making a hand bag with fabric with your favorite colors. Make loony tune cartoon character for hanging on your front door or make fish shaped stylish bag for your little princess, she’s going to love it trust me. Make a vanity box, or a key hanger or even Mr. chicken to lure your kids. These fabric art crafts are a great addition to your home.

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