Creative Belt Shelf Ideas


I am always very much conscious in the matter of getting dressed up. My formal pants are always fine and classy, one more thing that I am crucially touchy about is my belt. I love leather stuffed belts. They usually go for years and years long. Have you ever thought of using a belt for a different purpose? I mean it could sound a bit silly initially but this is what our website is all about, working on insane recycling ideas. Today we have brought you creative belt shelf ideas where you would be using old discarded leather belts in supporting the wooden shelves.

Belt Shelf Ideas

Here is the very first demonstration of the said creative idea. Here the buckles of belt are removed and mere leather strip is used to tie up the flat wooden planks in a shape of wall shelf. This is pretty different and unique concept.
Belt BookShelf

Again we come across a decent idea of a creative belt shelf. Two similar leather strips of discarded belts are used here to hold and support one single wooden sheet as a wall shelf. You would have witnessed a number of wall shelves but this one isn’t really that much common.
Belt BookShelf Ideas

In the next creative belt shelf idea mere wooden screws are used as the base and leather belt strips are just wrapped around them. These are extremely creative and unique, and at the same time so damn easy to make and cheap cost wise as well.
Upcycled Belt Shelf Ideas

While the final project carries a couple of huge and long wooden shelves that are supported and lifted by the belts. These creative belt shelf ideas are so much overloaded with innovation and creative power, they immediately grab all the attention. Try making out these creative belt shelves for your house and enjoy.
Recycled Belt Shelf Ideas

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