Plastic Bottles Upcycled to Adorable Owl


As the name shows pretty clearly, that a plastic bottle is made of material called plastic. We witness daily countless plastic bottles containing certain beverages or liquids that have multiple uses in our daily life. These plastic bottles usually contain water, soft drinks, motor oils, cooking oil, medicine, shampoo and milk etc etc. they certainly vary according to shapes and sizes which their brand specify for them. Many of these bottles have the capacity of many liter, they also come in small sizes. Throughout in our website, our focus has mainly remained on upcycling numerous house hold products into some practical art crafts. These plastic bottles could be upcycled in countless ways, another idea to upcycle plastic bottle is to turn it to an adorable owl caricature. This adorable owl upcycled with plastic bottle is much more than a mere caricature, this could also be used as a toy for your kids. Or this adorable upcycled owl could also be used as a centerpiece or some decoration piece in your room interior.

Just see in our amazing art project, how we have upcycled some trashed plastic bottles into some adorable owl caricature. An owl is considered to be a dumbo character that signifies many qualities. It is also one of famous birds that could lure your kids with its shining eyes. This plastic bottle upcycled adorable owl is going to gain your attention all at once. And resultantly your are going to get attracted towards it.

Like in the first project, we have turned the kids water bottle into an adorable owl by painting. While in the next DIY project, a common plastic bottle is turned into a mimicking owl that is also very pretty in color. This adorable owl is drawn on a stylish planter as well.

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