Recycle Old CDs DIY


Every one of us is familiar with the compact discs rather simple or digital. Whenever you upgrade your collection you simply discard or dump the older ones. Now we have come up with a new mesmerizing idea that is going to fill your home interior with immense charm and beauty. In this DIY project you can make beautiful ribbons for your drawing or bedroom curtains. You are absolutely going to love these recycled old CDs. In this DIY project you are going to learn how to make your curtains more charming and trendy.

For this DIY project all you require are the simple household products. Like a CD, a couple of scissors, plastic straws, a pasting gun, the fabric same as your curtain, and same colored pair of brooches. First of all cut the CD from inside making a wider and much closer circle as shown in the project demonstration. Now start wrapping this leftover circular piece with the same colored fabric and paste it at the final layer with the paste gun firmly. In the next step you have to wrap or cover the plastic straws which are relatively harder and firm from conventional straws. Cover these straws entirely with the same fabric, and stick a same colored fabric made ribbon at the top of both straws making it look like angel sticks. Cross them inside out from the cut CDs. And the butterfly shaped ribbons are to be stuck directly on the cut CDs.

After all this effort you are left with a master art craft certainly. You can fold your room curtains in very trendy and stylish way with the most modern clips made by yourself. They are really going to grab the attention of every visitor of your house and going to win you lot of admiration and praises.

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