Glittering Gems Floor Art


Art is a form of expression of your thoughts. An artist, uses its canvas to give tongue to its thoughts and inspirations. Thus he or she translates her desires through some certain skill in the form of art. Some people make caricatures, some write stories and poetry, some love the wood work and some are interested in making accent wall. Art has no limits or boundaries but its canvas is as bigger as thoughts and expressions. We right here are pondering on glittering gems floor art. This sensational skill of arranging gems on the floor is a kind of spiritual inspiration. We see here hundreds and thousands of gems placed on floor in a refined and arranged way making some sort of floral arrangement to overwhelm the viewers even from the distance and still they are supposed to appear clearly and in an arranged manner. They do not reflect a scattered view at all. This art is named as kaleidoscopic mandala art.

In this project your visual perception is challenged by thousands of tiny gems, your optics are requisitioned and intensified. For sure some metallic pins are used to affix the crystal chrome plated metal, precious stones and gems, mirrors and optical glass that is usually used in wall art. All these beautiful tiny particles are arranged in such a mesmerizing manner that they make an artistic picture right on the ground.

The artist has employed all his energies and skills in arranging these glittering gems and made a master piece of floor art which is pretty soothing and calming for your view. This is just like bringing all the shining stars on earth right beneath your feet. Trust me if you like all the things that sparkle, you are going to adore this earth porm. No special plan is used here I believe, just the site itself, light reflection, route of visitors and the colors have guided the artist to make this kaleidoscopic mandala art.

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