Recycled Wood Pallet Benches


I really feel that enough of work has been done on recycling the wood pallet benches. But you guys still seem to be pretty desperate for more and more wooden pallet recycled benches ideas. We are having frequent requests regarding the wood pallet bench ideas, so that compels us to bring again a detailed article presenting a number a of pallet wood benches that are most appropriate for outdoor spaces. Making a wooden bench with shipping pallets is always a sigh of relief for many who want to save a lot of money. Plus you also have the complete control of design and shape of the wooden bench, so you recycle it according to your choice.

pallet bench for kids

The very first wooden pallet bench in the range possesses a very rare and unique design. It has got a large sitting space along with some ample additional storage space right below the seat which is a great incentive for the users.
pallet bench ideas

Artistic modifications add a lot of charm to the wooden furniture item. If you ask about my choice then this is my most favorite wooden pallet recycled bench along with a built in planter. While the darker stain of the bench makes it a real wooden beauty.
pallet bench with planter

Bright white color is literally a charmer for the outdoor wooden furniture items. It reflects the light most effectively that makes it look much attractive. Especially when applied on such a great wooden pallet bench with a built in planter, this looks even better.
pallet bench with planters

Though we can use a number of furniture items for outdoor sitting plan, but there is a strange association between wooden benches and garden. A bench seems to be a special item for the green landscapes. So I think recycling such a rustic wooden bench would just be a smart choice.
pallet bench with storage

Another rustic wood pallet recycled bench is here that is kept pretty unstained, in the natural color of the pallet wood. This is kept quite low to the ground so that even the kids could also sit on it very easily, plus the ultra large seating space is especially dedicated to a bit bulky people.
Pallet bench

And this wooden pallet repurposed bench reflects a lot of decency and sophistication. Inspired from a wooden couch, this pallet wood bench is equipped with all the ideal features that should be possessed by an outdoor wooden furniture item, a huge sitting space, along with extra large arm rests.
patio pallet bench

If you want to name this wooden bench, this could be named as a multi tiered wooden pallet recycled bench. A couple of whole pallets is used in making the base of wooden bench that makes it pretty high from the ground level, and a reasonably high back is made with same shipping pallets making it a perfect outdoor furniture item.
reclaimed pallet bench

And lastly, this is the simplest pallet wood furniture bench so far. Despite of the deteriorated pallets used in recycling this wooden bench, this still makes and ideal wooden bench for the outdoor spaces like garden or patio.
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