Ladders Upcycling / Recycling Ideas

Whenever you have to fix the wall bulb, or replace the dead batteries of your wall clock hanging on the wall, or you have to grab or place something in the upper cupboard you come across the need of a ladder. A wooden, metallic or plastic ladder is a must have accessory and almost every one of us have his or her own ladder at home. Because you use it frequently then you inflict great wear and tear to its structure and ultimately change it.  And when idle, this ladder is just thrown in the backyard. But if you are smart enough in up cycling, you can recycle or repurpose the ladder in several ways. This could be a decorative use or a space creation activity.

These idle lying ladders are best source of repurposing or recycling ideas, it depends on your priorities that where you want to do the amendments. This very ladder of yours could be used as a superb shelf having several tiers. Place a relatively fresh ladder just erected in the wall of your bed room and legs fully stretched, place flat smooth planks on each step horizontally, and now utilize this space like shelves. You can place several decoration pieces, antiques, your books or whatever you always want to stay in your immediate access.

Wooden rustic ladders can be just installed erected in the wall as book shelf, or in your washroom as a carrier of towel, or to hang lanterns or in placing small candles while having sauna bath. There are countless ideas to upcycle ladders.

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