Driftwood Upcycled Wreaths

Driftwood is something that is obtained from the seashores. This is such a wastage or useless material that nobody turns an eye to them. This is just garbage or something which everyone wants to get rid of. If you are a regular visitor of sea sight, you certainly would have observed these wooden pieces rusted with water and dingy texture. But if you think of limited resources on earth planet, then this fact would shake you so hard to make every useless thing useful in any perspective. This driftwood could be upcycled to countless crafts, wreath is one of them.

Don’t turn a blind eye to this wastage, you could turn it to gems of art and crafts. All you need to do is to collect a range of driftwood pieces which are slightly similar in size and shape. Although each and every piece is different, but a minor similarity would do wonders in making identical crafts. When you are done with this collection process, draw up your priorities and inclinations in art work. Just think of an idea what exactly you want and you can shape or upcycle the driftwood accordingly.

You can upcycle driftwood into wall art caricatures, you can make floral shapes as a welcome note in your lobby, or you can arrange them in a manner to shape as heart. You can make driftwood mirrors, and just by adding some seashells you can make a vintage decoration piece. These self made crafts are going to give you more utility and joy than the earlier branded ones.

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