Kids Houses with Recycling of Cardboard


I can still remember my childhood days when we used to make mud houses. We visited beach every weekend with family and built sand house on beach. This was a great fun activity of all times for us when we were kids. Small houses really attract and fascinate the younger kids as they have a strange affiliation with the smaller objects just like their own size. Let’s make some kids houses with recycling of cardboard. Cardboard is basically a generic term for a heavy duty paper of various strengths. Its thickness varies accordingly. So we are going to recycled kids houses with relatively thicker cardboard so that these kids houses stay erect for longer periods. These kids houses would give your kids a true blissful feeling they would really adore it.

Upcycled Cardboard Kids Houses

In the above cardboard house we see a simple hut shaped cardboard kids house where there is a beautiful door along with two windows on the next wall of the house. There are some holes for the cross ventilation too. While in the below kids house we can clearly see the Victorian style of construction which is associated with royal class. More like a fort, this pretty cardboard kids house has all the specific dimensions necessary for a house. A great caricature of a true house.
Cardboard Reused Kids Houses

While here once again we see a simple cardboard kids house. The same hot shaped house along with a huge door and a window to make the house airy and to make the ventilation arrangements. Some beautiful paintings of butterflies are drawn on the kids house to make it much close to the younger kids. These cardboard kids houses are at the same time source of learning art and also the source of happiness for your kids for sure.
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