Tables Made With Recycled Wheels Of Bike


I think with the repeated wood pallet projects this whole scene was just getting so messy. I just had a feeling that there must be some different projects other than made with wood pallet then I stuck a crazy idea suddenly. I had a couple of bike wheels that were literally broken and were no more in use. So I thought instead of just trashing them away, why not to put them in use and recycle some smart crafts. So we experimented on some tables made with recycled wheels of bike. Surprisingly these tables were totally practical and are in use.

Recycled Wheels Table

Bike wheels are made with some finest materials comprising of finest steel. This doesn’t get rusted very soon nor does it perish because of the high quality of steel that is used. Some rims of the bike wheels were cut in half and this tremendous table stand was made using the bike wheels.
Bike Wheels Upcycled

As we said earlier that bike wheels consume finest metals and the axles are made of robust layers of fine steel and iron. So we must not overlook this cool stuff and must put it into use in making some practical art crafts.
Bike Wheels Table Idea

This industrial metallic table is a sort of master piece made all with the metals used in bike wheels. Almost all parts of a bike are used in making this crazy industrial table. Wheels with axles are used in making the table top and the lower one as well.
Bike Wheels Reused Furniture

I know this might sound like a crazy idea to make the tables for domestic use using the bike wheels. But this is the world of recycled crafts. This goes pretty this way, you never know what garbage you are going to turn into a useful stuff or a craft.
Bike Wheels Recycled

A mountain bike has always a certain estimated life after which it starts getting perished. So this is such a great and constructive idea to make the use of all stuff that we were about to discard. As making this table we used a fine glass top on the bike wheel.
Bike Wheels Made Table

And this is something crazy beyond my comprehension. The crafter who did this project was probably crazier than me. He saw the things in a totally different manner, whole wheels along with tires and axles are turned into the support of the table. And a thick fine transparent glass layer is placed as the glass top.
Bike Wheels Glass Top Table

To make these tables using the bike wheels you certainly have to be a bit tough because it takes a lot of effort and skill to twist , mold and shape the bike wheels. This twisted metallic table with a brown glass top wasn’t that simple and easy ofcourse, but this is challenging enough to make.
Bicycle Wheels Recycled Furniture

This last bike wheels recycled table with the glass table just couldn’t get better than this one. A sloppy glass top was used here pretty accordingly. While the wheels were cut in a certain manner forming a firm base for the table.
Bike Wheels Reused