Wall Decor Ideas with Baskets


Baskets could be made with several materials. These traditional containers are usually made from wood splints, runners, and also with canes which give them a certain classy look. The smooth texture of cane fibers make it more desirable and gives it a shape of an artistic craft. In this article we would be working out on several projects where these very caned buckets or baskets are going to be used in wall décor ideas. There’s nothing strange in that. People throughout in Europe and even in Asian countries really prefer such artistic projects for their indoors. So making these projects would be a real fun.

baskets decors

If you are planning to décor your bedroom wall with these caned baskets, then you must make sure that you have selected a wide range of colors, because the color and design of the baskets would be the main component that would really create the impact.
reused baskets for decoration

Same would be the case when you are going to use these baskets on some wall of your lobby or lounge. Just be very selective and specific about the color range and then about the designs printed or carved on these baskets. Because with poor selection you might end up with a messy and hideous look.
reused baskets for decoration

If you have to keep it straight and simple, and want to put forth a woody touch, you can use the plain baskets without any colored paint or carving like the ones we have used in here. This would look great if you have got a plenty of wood work in the rest of room interior just to make a match.
wall decor with baskets

And lastly these rustic woody baskets could simply be hanged on the branches of a tiny tree right inside your patio where you spend some worthy moments of your life with family or friends.
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