Ideas for Narrow and Long Patio Spaces


I strongly feel that in the past the patio has been the most neglected area of the house. This was just a portion of the house that is meant to be open, a couple of planters are placed there and it is just like you are done with it. But after paying a lot of attention to this specific area by us and many interior experts, people are turning towards it. We have come up with a plan of ideas for narrow and long patio spaces. These ideas are going to make them look pretty irrespective of the size of the area.

Narrow and Long Outdoor Spaces

Well, this is the portion of a very well designed and well built lavish house where money is spent so generously, but meanwhile we have also displayed our raw creations made with the wood pallet and I think they have gone very well.
patio decor plan

Here we have used a common enclosure or the wooden fence that is normally used on the partition areas. Plus we have attached several planter pots along the wooden fencing. And this congested slim area is all covered with different planter pots on multiple spots, so we have improved the area with this touch of greenery and flowers.
patio garden idea

This is a slightly raised patio that is high from the ground, in the beginning instead of concrete floor we did wooden flooring here with the aged pallet wood planks. And again we have placed there some very stylish and unique planter pots having great foliage of light pink bushy plants.
cute balcony idea

While this one is even more congested area of a patio. Instead of wasting it all we have turned it into a perfect dining and cooking area. There is proper arrangement for smoke discharge, there is a reasonably sized dining set, and also a small green patch.
cool patio idea

Greenery and leafy plants have always been a great source of fascination for the human beings, people love them irrespective of their taste and mood. So again we have used some excessive number of common planter pots with very charming foliage, and the course is created using the concrete slabs and crushed stones.
patio garden plan

Here again we have exploited the same approach. For this we have placed some gigantic wooden pallet repurposed planter pots here along with market based ones, wooden furniture is placed and the area is turned into an ideal sitting space.
short garden idea

Here we have mainly focused on creating this white patch all made with marble circled pieces, and the crushed white stained stones all around them. There is foliage on the corners, so this is a reasonably smart area where a metallic couch is also kept there so that one could enjoy a cup of coffee while sitting on it.
Narrow and Long Outdoor Spaces garden patio idea

And this one is undoubtedly some next level sort of thing. Honestly speaking this arrangement took us weeks if not months, a lot of supplies were needed, and this water flow was so creative that it also demanded many days of solid home work prior to the beginning of the patio décor idea.
cute balcony idea