Upcycled Toothbrush Holder Ideas

A washroom of a house is a true reflector of the hygienic consciousness of its inhabitants. And a good washroom is not the one where piles of money is spent on but the one, which is clean and well equipped with all necessary arrangements. Oral hygiene is so damn crucial that it ensures the overall health of body. Tooth brush is a routine commodity which must not be ignored at any cost, so my kids often get bored of this vital activity. They say we are sick of brushing teeth daily, then rise the need of creating some charm in it.

Our washroom contains a variety of typical tooth brush holders, which keep them away from ground germs and dust. But these conventional holders have become so dull and boring, aren’t they? Of course they are! It is a well known saying that change is spice of life. We can spice up our life by up cycled tooth brush holder ideas. These new up cycled tooth brush holders are going to give us a refreshing and changed look in our washroom. These up cycling ideas are going to freshen up our moods as they would appear like a pleasant welcome statement in the morning.

How do you like the idea to put tooth brushes and tooth paste in a transparent glass mason jar? Or a couple of mason jars hanging just above our Jacuzzi containing tooth brush? Or even a plain small wooden box having holes on specific sequence containing tooth brush of every family member separately? Such up cycled tooth brush holders are definitely a creative addition to your washroom.

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