Upcycled Snowboard Ideas


Last week I was watching a program on the discovery channel which showed the whole process of the preparation of snow boards. They are not mere wooden slabs that are combined together for a manual ride on the snow, it takes a long and tiring process for the measurements, accuracy measures, tests and demonstrations for making a reliable wooden snow board because this is about your life. They are also very expensive as well, much more than routine wooden items. So why just let them go in waste when to have matured, why not to recycle them to make the best use out of this trash?

Snowboard Upcycled Bench

We have recycled a number of wooden pallet recycled chairs, but here our main timber is going to be the same snowboards with all the interesting paints on it, we are going to cut it in different pieces and going to use the pieces in seat and armrests. This would be a strange and new experience for all of you.
Snowboard Upcycled Chair

Just while planning a wall rack in the room interior, this time go for this exquisitely designed snow board. Use the one full length of the snow board and hang it on the wall, this would make a best wall rack due to its shape and paint.
Upcycled Snowboard Ideas

If you have some plans to bring in some fine scenery for you wall art ambitions, the same snow board can be a perfect choice to be made. Just like this snow board having a beautiful snowy and icy paintings drawn on it need no more addition or subtraction.
Snowboard Recycled Wall Art

The moment we made a chair using the snowboards it made us feel like we must work on a couple of more such projects. So we just brought this one here again. Though the basic frame is made using the regular wood, but the snow board pieces are literally used as an embellishment on the wooden chair.
Snowboard Recycled Chair Ideas

Even if you are longing to make something for your garden using the snow boards, recycle them to this amazing wooden bench. We have made it using the reclaimed legs from some broken furniture item, and the two pieces of snow board are smartly used as the seating and back portion of the bench.
Snowboard Garden Furniture Ideas

This is a classic couch, it holds such a royal look, and when we come towards the frontal look it looks pretty funky and casual. The snow boards have given it a whole new dimension.
Snowboard Garden Bench

Wall racks are frequently needed in every house hold because you just can’t do over stuffing in your wooden cabinets and drawers. There are also certain things that are meant to be displayed. So try making this snow board upcycled wall shelf, this would be of great help in domestic affairs.
Snowboard Bookshelf

Just to be a rebel of the stereotypes and some conventional articles, you must try to go for such crazy articles like this snow board recycled wall rack, this would show your aesthetic sense and your level of creativity pretty loudly.
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