Upcycled Pipes Wardrobe / Closets


Whenever we talk about some wardrobe or some decent closet, the very first thing that comes to our mind is its basic material usually wood. Or in other words, wardrobes or closets are mostly made with wood. In some rare cases we find them made with some other materials. Today we are talking about a strange yet great idea where we are intending to bring you guys the most sophisticated upcycled pipes wardrobes or closets. Yes, this is the world of recycling and this is supposed to present you some unique ideas that you guys would appreciate.

Reclaimed Pipe Wardrobe

We are beginning with this simplest project. It really didn’t bother us much as we had to arrange for a straight and smooth wooden slab, a pretty long length of iron pipe, and some heavy duty metallic wheels to be fixed on the base and that’s it. We came up with this pretty simple and stylish upcycled pipes closet.
Recycled Pipe Wardrobe Rack

We usually see such metallic or pipes made wardrobes in high class hotels and laundries where the clothes are arranged in a very decent manner. So why not to bring this one to your very own home? Just a couple of pipe lengths and some joints made primarily for such projects are needed.
Repurposed Pipe Closet

Even for your kids clothes you can resort to this smart pipes upcycled wardrobe idea. This is again a pipes recycled closet pretty low to the ground made with the intent to show a compatibility with the kids.
Reused Pipes Wardrobe

The patterns for making such closets can be many, they can not to be confined to some conventional and typical patterns. You can create and modify some different designs like this one keeping in view your priorities and also your available space. And also according to the area that is to be covered.
Upcycled Copper Pipe Hanging Wardrobe

Now this time we planned to go a bit farther, this curvy pipes upcycled closet was designed for the entire family. This concept might be perceived as the classification of clothes according to the persons in a family. There are some wooden racks that could be used as some additional storage space.
Upcycled Pipe Closet Ideas

Coming to our next project, this is an open wardrobe meant for catering the entire family’s need. Some fine iron pipes are fixed along the wall bending outward as an extended rack where the clothes could be hanged, we also provided a couple of wooden racks where you can place some ironed articles along with small provision for the shoes.
Upcycled Pipe Closet

This is again one of the simplest pipes upcycled wardrobe that could possibly be made. And to add more features we also added a wooden slab on the lower portion as a provision for the shoes, it became a pretty practical shoe rack.
Upcycled Pipe Clothes Wardrobe

And finally here is the last one inspiration that provides you with plenty of hanging space. Hang a number of clothing articles on this, they would certainly remain in your immediate access. This is not only about style but also about cost effectiveness which matters a lot.
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