Houses Made of Recycled Bottles


This world of recycling sometimes becomes pretty strange and insane. Sometimes we go a bit too far in the pursuance of our passion, I mean for many, this idea of making a full fledge house with recycled bottles might sound a bit strange. But this is how things move forward here, we are addicted to do such crazy things. It gives us immense pleasure. And instead of wasting time in some hideous activities this is always preferred to work on something constructive. That’s why we are making here some full big houses with plastic bottles that mean nothing to us.

recycled bottles shed

Starting from this castle looking house, all of its pillars and extensions are the work of mere plastic bottles. Only the foundation layers are made of concrete but rest of the structure is made using the plastic bottles that certainly took us a long time to collect such a huge quantity.
recycled bottles works

This is a relatively smaller hut shaped house again made with mainly plastic bottles. Though we have used some additional supports to keep the house intact well, but it can safely be said that the main structure is simply the outcome of same plastic bottles.
shed with recycled bottles

Here comes another beautiful creation made with the plastic bottles. We have also made a fence all around the plastic bottle house that is again with the bunch of recycled plastic bottles that we had gathered over the month’s long period. Door, walls, and rest of the structure is built by joining the plastic bottles.
upcycled bottles house

And finally this castle looking huge house having structural holes all along the walls is again very smartly built with a pile of plastic bottles. Making these houses was a fun activity, but the good thing is that these plastic bottles recycled houses could actually be used practically temporarily.
house from recycled bottles recycled bottles creation