Rollers Upcycled to Decorated Crafts

We by a lot of products daily to use them in our daily life. They are mostly packed or wrapped in a certain manner to make their traveling safe and to ensure the safety of that certain product. Rollers are one of them, they contain fabric, thread, ribbons and several other stuff. These rollers are usually made of plastic, fiber and card board. These rollers can be used in several decorative crafts to further enhance the beauty of our living places and to decorate them. Just a great idea is needed. Pick the wasted roller and start thinking about its shape and the possibilities of its use and recreation. This roller is so accurately and precisely designed and shaped already that only a bit of addition can multiply its beauty and decorate our room in certain ways.

Grab a bunch of discarded rollers, now color or paste art paper around them nicely, encircle a ribbon or some silky thread to add color, and now a beautiful vase is at your disposal. Nobody is going to notice its structure, but the outer look of this self made vase with the help of useless roller is going to be a noticeable decorative piece in your bedroom, lounge or where ever you like to place it. These rollers can also be turned into pretty pencils or little accessories containers. You just have to make their outer look good by a few strokes of paint brush or piece of art paper. Nothing much, just a great idea and up cycle these wastage in multiple decorative crafts.

Rollers Upcycled to Decorated Crafts Rollers Upcycled Decorated Crafts Rollers Upcycled to Crafts