Upcycled Glasses Crafts


Upcycled glasses crafts are so pretty handy to make. The glasses upcycled here in our projects are made of thermocol .The glasses we can see in these projects are made of a specific stuff called thermocol , we use them in outdoor especially or when some guests in bulk are visiting us, or we are going to party. This thermocol could be solid or foamed. They are also used widely in daily house hold too. They are also very handy because of being pretty inexpensive, and they vary in size and shapes. So you can opt according to your choice and need.

These thermocol or paper glasses are very flexible and they can easily be molded and shaped the way you want them. So this quality of these glasses makes them a perfect material for upcycling and turning them to several art crafts. They can also be easily cut, pasted and turned into numerous art crafts. So we strongly recommend you to save these glasses and make some real art crafts by upcycling them. They are really very easy and serve you in a best manner. Even your kids are going to love them. Whenever you buy these glasses for whatsoever reason, don’t discard or trash them at the end of the day. But upcycle them to some practical art crafts.

For instance here in our latest projects, you could see glasses turning to be the best tiny planters or some stylish antique vases. You could also upcycle these glasses into some extra ordinarily beautiful cartoon characters or caricatures to present to your kids, trust me they would love playing with them. Try to make some animal caricatures like a penguin, or a circular centerpiece hanging on your front door welcoming to your guests. Whatever you make by upcycling these glass crafts, they are going to be pretty eye catching.

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