Cardboard Dog House DIY


Do you love your pets? I do love mine beyond imagination. My dog is so tamed that he never irritates me. He always go to washroom for peeing and never let my house be nasty and stinky. I love to feed him by myself. I don’t get satisfied unless I haven’t fed him myself. He is so close to me, just like my own kids. There are many people in this whole wide world who love their pets like their own kids. They always want to comfort their pets with all possible sources, they want to feed them well, and want to to keep them well too.

When it comes to a dog house, then upcycle art has brought to you an idea of further comforting your pet by making his own separate house with cardboard. In this DIY article we are going to discuss how to make a cardboard dog house!

First of all you would require a large sized pentagon shaped cardboard with all ends closed. This box in itself is a structure of a small house for the small residents like your pet. Now you need an inches tape to measure, scissor to cut, and a scale too. Now comes the time to shape this pentagon box like a dog house. First of all cut a rectangle shaped piece from upside downwards, and its upper end is semi circular shaped to make it look like a door space. Now paint it according to your choice. And make layers or tiers of cardboard looking like made of circular bricks on the roof. You can paint the lower walls of box like red bricks. You can further expand it by specifying some more space with cardboard and painting it also like red bricks. It would become boundary wall of your dog’s house.

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