PVC Tubes Upcycled

Polyvinyl chloride or pvc is the third most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. This substance is mainly used in making pvc pipes. These pipes are used in every house for the purpose of underground water supply in your taps. These pvc plastic pipes are a bit flexible and come in several sizes and colors. Never in your life you would have thought of repurposing them, but we are here to shake you with many inspiring ideas to upcycle pvc pipes or tubes into attractive crafts.

This idea might sound like a joke initially, but when you have a deep look on its structure and design, you would explore its specific shape evenly designed to give uninterrupted flow of water. This pvc pipe when cut into small pieces, makes the shape of a tube or ring. This pipe is available in market in meters lengths. Whenever you are done with underground water wiring of your home, you are always left with a bulk of some full un touch lengths and some cut pieces which are no more than a trash or scrap. Don’t just throw them away, upcycle these pvc tubes or pipes into some useful crafts and enjoy their uniqueness and individuality.

You can use these pvc tubes in wall art, or you can make a full chair using pvc lengths and joints.  You can turn pvc tubes into lively planters and even a luxury sofa to relax. Bicycle, scooty, vase, a toothbrush holder or whatever you desire, upcycle pvc tubes into countless useful crafts.

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