Quilling Art Ideas


A sheet of paper can be altered to make so many beautiful creations. It is simple, it is delicate but can make crafts from origami, the art if folding or by using the rolls and coils of narrow paper strips called quilling. If you have a love for colors and a creative mind you can have a world of paper art around you. The quilling technique is becoming really popular as people of all ages can handle it well. The quilling just needs a broad imagination and some creativity. The paper strips are easy to be obtained. A standard A4 sheet or specialized quilling kits can be bought from the market in reasonable rates. If not available old newspapers and magazines can be used too.

advanced quilling designs

Quilling is the art involving papers. The papers are rolled into narrow strips just creating coiled structures some tight and some loosely coiled. The pattern is required to be sketched on the paper or mounting sheet. The coils are adjusted into different sizes according to where they have to be pasted. There are so many ways of making the coils. Fork, tooth picks and even the combs can be used to create paper coils. The basic coils of the paper can be easily transformed into petals, leaves and other required shapes. The paper coils can be further squeezed and crushed from sides or in the center to make a beauty with craft.

free quilling designs patterns

The colored sheets rolled into coils are great to work with. The rolled out coils can be used to make beautiful art works including the wall art. The strip of papers of papers can be transformed to make alphabets, floral patterns, human and animal creations. The strips can be used to create a magnificent world of animals and plants around you. It can give you the underwater world or the fantasy world. So don’t wait. Grab some papers and make your quilling world.

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