Mason Jar Craft Ideas


Have you ever witnessed a mason jar in your surroundings or somewhere in your kitchen? My mom makes best use of them. A mason jar is a molded glass jar which is used in home canning to preserve food items. The mouth of the jar has screw threads on its outer perimeter to accept a metal ring. The band when screwed down, presses a separate stamped steel disc shaped lid against the rim of the jar. This mason jar is made with glass and its lid is made with some metal. It possesses its specific shape which makes it a great remedy for being used in different art crafts. My mom uses them in certain tasks. She uses them in such a momtastic way really.

These mason jars are pretty handy in being used. They look pretty where ever they are placed. Their unique and stylish shape make them look like literally an art craft. We have worked on several ideas of mason jar art crafts in our website in some earlier articles. We have used them in several practical art crafts which have further beautified our interior and enhanced our home decor. These mason jar art ideas are pretty easy to use. You must give them a try at home, you’d literally love them.

You can use mason jar as a centre piece to place it in your drawing or in the window of your bedroom. You can use them in industrial chandeliers to further lighten up your premises. You can also use them as tiny containers or stylish candles, or you can preserve some spices or even cut fruits in them for some relatively longer periods. You can fill them with some fine wax and make a giant candle to place in your sauna bath or simply hang them to the wall like hanging lanterns.

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