Shipping Pallet Recycling Ideas


So, you guys are doing good with the wood pallet recycling? I know this is nearly an addiction to make different wood pallet creation using the shipping pallets. I have been through this very phase when I was always in search of some new wood pallet recycling ideas, still this is a passion that keeps me moving and motivated. Just in the continuation, we have got some more shipping pallet recycling idea. They include different wooden furniture items and some of the embellishments that you can use inside the house and in your garden décor plans.

Luminaire Palette and pots masson

The very first idea that we are going to get started with is a decent wooden pallet recycled wall shelf that is more likely a wooden books shelf. This has got so many portions divided that can be used to place a number of books in your collection. A very smart way of organizing your books range.
pallet bookshelf closet

Wow, this is a crazy wood pallet creation. We can call it a wood pallet land all stuffed with the pallet wood creations. We basically used some used wooden fruit crates in making this wooden wall shelf. This is a large wood pallet display hub where you can display a number of decoration pieces.
pallet crate boxes reused

A wooden bench has always been the best remedy for outdoor spaces. Here is another smart wood pallet repurposed garden bench that we have made using some fresh shipping pallets. Its large sitting space is pretty enough for a number of persons at the same time.
pallet garden bench

The crafter who has recycled this wooden pallet repurposed side table with reclaimed legs, he deserves all the appreciation and admiration of you guys. It has got a unique design and shape which is totally different from the conventional wooden tables that we have recycled so far.
pallet hallway tree

In this picture we can see a couple of pallet wood creations, the first one is a wooden pallet wall shelf, while the other one is a wooden shoe rack. Both of them are needed in every house hold. One would take care of your decoration pieces and other would arrange your shoes.
pallet shelving ideas

Another wooden pallet repurposed shoe rack comes our ways, we can clearly see that some broken and deteriorated wood pallets are used in this wooden shoe rack. Two different tiers can be used for male and female shoes respectively. You must consider it if you need one for your house.
pallet shoe rack

And this is the summer time companion. This wood pallet upcycled water cooler is equipped with all the stuff that is needed for keeping the water cold. The inner thermo pole box is the one that is used in traditional water coolers. While the wooden box would made with pallet wood is going to take care of the inner stuff.
pallet wood cooler

And finally this outdoor side table cum pallet wood planter cum vertical garden is a master piece of wood pallet repurposing ideas. For the foliage we have used some freshly cut flowers and green leaves.
wooden pallet planter