Crafts Made with Buttons


Throughout our website our focus has remained on the house hold art crafts. We have used numerous materials in house hold art crafts. Once again we have a great idea of making certain crafts with tiny buttons. What exactly a button is? In modern clothing and fashion design, a button is a small fastener. They are usually made of plastic, but also made with metal, wood and even the sea shells. It ties or secures two pieces of fabric together. We hold many ideas to make crafts with buttons, they are going to be so colorful and charming.

A tiny button can be a significant artifact in archaeology. In the applied arts and in crafts. A pygmy button can be a classic example of folk art, studio craft, or even a miniature work of art. Though these tiny buttons are used in clothing normally, but they are also used in several art crafts like wallets and bags. However buttons may also be sewn onto garments and similar items exclusively for purposes of ornamentation. Art is all about turning small ordinary stuff into something extra ordinarily incredible craft.  The skill of art can even transform these tiny buttons into exceptionally great art crafts.

Crafts made with buttons are so fascinating and that they immediately grab the attention of every visitor. Like in the very first demonstration or project of buttons made craft, you can witness a beautiful painting reflecting a multi colored rainbow and a little hut shaped house just in the middle of green field. Or even the buttons reflecting a bunch of helium balloons lifting up a photo frame in the air. A Christmas tree is made with buttons. A heart shaped wall art or you can even use them in your shoes as colorful beads.

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