Cool and Easy Recycling Projects


I am very fond of recycling the trashed or discarded stuff. I feel very great deep inside my heart, I feel like I am making the best use of my resources I spent. And I am giving a new life to a trashed stuff. That’s why we bring you guys some ever new cool and easy recycling ideas. Here are some more to come your ways. For instance in the first project, a pallet wooden chair is installed on a metallic frame just to give a charming look that is pretty different from the usual pallet chairs.

Recycling Project with Wooden Pallets

Here we see a delicate note pad. It is your best companion when you are on phone, it would provide you with necessary note pad and pencil all at one place. Recycled with the jeans stuff, it has also got some beautiful embossed flowers along with butterflies.
Used Jeans Upcycled Book Cover

What do we exactly see here, well… this could be a lighting globe, or it might be a chime. What ever it is, it is created out of sheer intelligence and creativity. A pile of discarded compact disks is used here in making this roof lantern. This could be a great attraction for infants.
Home Decor Cds Recycling Project

I don’t think you are kidding me, are these dumped tyres that we had planned to just throw away? My goodness, what sort of wonders can you play with this got damn creativity of yours man… they are very smartly into kids slides in the garden.
Recycling Project with Used Tyres

Hey all the book worms, have a look here. Don’t just throw away your books after you are done with them, but make some special arrangements to escort them to the most appropriate place that they actually deserve like this pallet wooden book shelf. A gift for all the book lovers is here.
Recycling Project Out of Fruit Crates

The best possible use of some trashed tyres can not be better than this one. I mean those ugly mud laden tyres are taken best care of in this smart and cool recycling idea. They are very beautifully engineered and maneuvered into a charming sitting arrangement.
Recycling Project with Tyres

A roof lantern is the most integral part of the room interior because it immediately grabs all the attention of the visitor inside. So don’t just go for the market based expensive ones, make your own roof lantern with some trashed metallic bowl like this one and show your creativity to all.
Recycling Project with Used Household Items

Hey just hang on, just let me have a detailed look on this strange wooden table… my goodness, this is cable reel man. and that ordinary cable reel is maneuvered in a best manner and just turned into a smart centre or coffee table. Use it indoor or outdoor as well.
Cable Reel Recycling Project

Tiny pygmy buttons and beads are not meant to be used in a typical way on your shirts or frocks, but they could also be given a whole new dimension. Here they are pasted on a Christmas tree, on a table lamp and muddy planter to enhance their beauty.
Used Button Recycling Project

A basket is always a good choice to contain some fresh fruits or vegetables, you can also use it as a decoration piece if you are smart enough to do it. Here is a rustic basket made with eggs container and mere straws, make this one for your little kids.
Egg Basket Recycling Project

Charging my phone having a short wire with the charger has always been an issue for me. But I believe this issue is very smartly fixed here with smart and easy recycling ideas. Jeans leftover cloth is turned into cell pocket that could be easily hanged along the shoe board.
Used Jeans Mobile Holder

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