Upcycled Glass Bottles

All of us bring countless commodities in our home that are contained in glass bottles. Jams, jellies, marmalade, beverage are a few examples. These glass bottles are different in shapes and sizes. Every bottle is shaped and sized according to its product. These bottles are very beautifully designed and too delicate to become a statement of their product. We just use the product and dump these beautiful crafts away. But if you are an art loving person and like to up cycle or repurpose the things, then you must have a look on the structure and shape of glass bottles. These are the perfect substitutes for several other purposes. Isn’t this something very perfectly designed and soothing? Sure it is.

After removing the label or the logo of the bottle, it becomes a simple plain glass bottle. Now it comes to your expertise and creativity that in what way you up cycle them.

One of their best uses is to up cycle them in stylish painted or plain glass vases. Cover the bottle entirely with thick jute thread, and a flower in the middle made of some card board, and up cycle it as a beautiful vase containing your favorite flowers rather true or artificial ones. You can also paint these glass bottles the way you like to make them more prominent. Beautiful vases, hanging light frames, indigenous lanterns, stylish chimes, home statements what not, just employ the appropriate idea on appropriately shaped glass bottle and an incredible craft is at your disposal.

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