Unique Decorative Pallet Shelf Ideas


I know very well that when I am talking about the pallet shelves that are unique and also decorative, I just have to be exceptionally cautious about the pallet wood creations that I am going to present you. Because there is just so much variety all around and especially on the internet regarding the wooden pallet shelves. So just to make a difference I know my presentations should just be outclass and flawless, and the creations that I present should be eye catching and appealing as well. Let’s have a look on the unique decorative pallet shelf ideas that I have compiled for the day.

wall decor with pallet wood

Don’t tell me you already like this one? Really? Yeah that is pretty common and understood as this raw wooden pallet wall shelf has got some of the best shades drawn on it. While the randomly cut pallet wood planks also add a lot to the artistic beauty of the said shelf.
wooden pallet rustic shelf

Here is another kind of wooden pallet wall shelving all around that I believe resembles much to the wood pallet wall cladding, isn’t it so really? I mean the whole wall seems to be covered with the shipping pallet planks.
wood pallet wall art

Now this sort of decent and brightly colored wooden wall shelves are just so common in the west that sometimes the room isn’t considered to be complete without a proper wooden wall shelf. This help us in so many ways so this is kind of must have, why don’t you try it with wood pallet this time?
wall hanging art with pallets

As we said in the title that these wooden pallet shelves would also be decorative in nature and appearance as well, so I believe this one is totally according to the title. This is also decorative and unique too design wise.
vintage pallet shelving

Such rustic pallet wood wall shelves are just so pretty common in the pallet wood recycled range. Here we simply cut the pallet wood planks in a certain pre defined shape, we sand them properly, paste them together and hang along the wall simply. So this kind is just so easy to deal with.
vinate pallet shelf

Meanwhile we just thought that we must not forget another aspect of the wooden wall shelves, I mean the prime purpose they are used for. We just love to display our favorite decoration pieces on the different tiers of the wooden pallet wall shelves. This gives us a strange happiness.
recycled wood shelf

After having quick review you guys would make up your minds that today we have just got the wood pallet wall shelves for the rooms only, but it isn’t so at all. We have got the full range for the kitchens and washrooms as well. Like this one is made purely for the kitchen.
recycled pallet wall decor

Now this is a bit exceptional pallet wood project. This wall shelf is recycled to take care of your expensive room TV, whole TV related bunch of accessories might be placed on this huge wooden pallet wall shelf. And this is still ready to take more of the stuff on it.
pallte corner shelf

These candles are so damn romantic, aren’t they? They really escalate your mood and passion and especially when they are placed on these decent pallet wooden wall shelves. They really make a difference. Made with the pure pallet wood, they have escalated the beauty of room interior further.
pallet candle holders

Next we have got a multi purposed pallet wooden wall shelf. One portion of the shelf is dedicated for the books collection, and on the bottom we have installed metallic hooks that can be used for hanging your immediate accessories like coat, umbrella or a couple of other.
pallet coat hanger

Now this wall shelf is more close to the wooden pallet wall cladding. As the whole wall seems to be covered with the pallet wood planks. Plus we added a number of wooden sheds on the wall shelf where you can display a lot of your stuff.
pallet decor shelf

Nothing can match the beauty and attraction of a roughly recycled wood pallet wall shelf like this one. Though we have had some more options too left with us, but this tree drawn wood pallet wall shelf seemed to be an ideal choice so we just did it using the finest shipping pallets.
pallet shelf idea

Awwww…. This is so cute. This reminds me of the good old days when we used to have a specific mail box inside the house, or such objects were also used for placing some other accessories like keys or the cuff links etc. this time we made it with wood pallet.
pallet storage shelf

Not only this but we have got some more exciting stuff like we have found another decent substitute of the old stereotype photo frames which are no more in fashion now days. They really look old fashioned. So this time try making this one to display your memories in a better way.
pallet wall photo framing

While recycling a pallet wood wall shelf no matter what sort of shipping pallets you are left with, you just need to concentrate on the shape and design because if you are really a smart pallet wood crafter, you can always overcome the flaws of the quality of pallet wood.
pallet wall shelf with decor

Now just imagine how would you feel if this rustic pallet wood upcycled wall shelf is installed right inside your room with a decent vase or planter on it? I think this would be a commendable feeling to have such an artistic article inside your room.
pallet wall shelf

This wooden pallet rack belongs to the family of the wall shelves so this can be added in this range without any doubt. Just look at the decency and elegance of the said article as this has got ample space for whole collection of the books you have got.
pallet wood shelf

The last one is again a bit different pallet wood creation that is basically book rack. Its multi tiers provide you plenty of space for your books, while the rustic and raw look escalates the beauty of the room interior. So I think this one must be considered if you really have got a huge collection of books.
pallet bookshelf