DIY Plastic Bottles Recycled to Sitting Puff

I am literally in love with carbonated drinks. They give such an energizing and refreshing effect on each sip, and give a shaky effect in all the body around. Intake of these carbonated drinks in my house is pretty big, don’t you like them? Obviously most of people love to drink them. Then every time we bring cartons and cartons of carbonated drinks and just throw them away when the bottles are empty, don;t do it man, just make something creative and useful out of them. These empty plastic bottles can be recycled and can be turned into some great sitting couch or puff. All you need is just a great idea a few ordinary things which can easily be found in cabinets or drawer of each common house.

In this DIY article, we are going to give you a rocking demonstration of how to recycle plastic bottles into sitting puff. All you need is 8 to 12 plastic bottles, big transparent scotch tape, a cushion of polyester or cotton gently stitched and sized accordingly. Now arrange a set of plastic bottles in a manner that one is facing upward and other downward to give them an even surface. Now stick them together with the help of scotch tape so firmly that they don;t get separated. Place the polyester pillow on the top and tape it too firmly. And now cover it in a stylish round or circle shaped cover made of some durable fabric, and your sitting puff made of plastic bottles is ready to sit on and make gossips. Plastic Bottles Recycled to Sitting Puff