Suitcase Side Table Ideas


A suitcase just reminds us of long journeys when we are going out of station we used these huge suitcases to carry our dresses and other accessories. They come in a number of varieties, I like one with leather. Some other stuffs are also used in making these traditional suitcases and almost every one of us have these suitcases at home. But none of us have ever thought of using these suitcases as side tables, sounds strange? Yeah it does. That’s why we have brought you suitcase side table ideas which would literally make you feel great that in how many ways these ordinary suitcases could be used.

Cute Suitcase Side Table

Here is the very first demonstration of suitcase side table ideas. An old vintage suitcase is turned here as a conventional side table. You would have seen a number of side tables made of wooden timber. But this one is for sure a different side table.
Vintage Suitcase Side Table

In the next idea we are going to use some old traditional suitcases that we used to see in our granny’s house. These colorful and delicate suitcases are just put one on another right beside a comfortable couch as a side table.
Vintage Metal Suitcase Side Table

In the next idea we see a very well organized and decorated room carrying some fine furniture, a coffee table along with a decent couch. While the side table is again recycled with a suitcase. Again a couple of suitcases are put one on another making them look like a well built side table.
Suitcase table ideas

While on the end here is a light blue huge suitcase made of some hard stuff. It has got reclaimed four legs that are obtained from some other discarded furniture item. This suitcase is just installed above these four reclaimed legs and turned into a smart suitcase side table ideas.
Suitcase Side Tables

Giving below some more creative suitcase side tables:Suitcase side table Suitcase Side Table Plan Suitcase Side Table Ideas Side table with suitcase side table made of old suitcases