Cute Curtains Made with Recycled Wine Corks


We people in the West are probably the biggest consumers of wine, pardon me Jesus I am not at all advertising this habit but just bringing out the facts. We consume it so much that at the weekend we have a full trash bin filled with the scrap wine bottles. So we just thought to make some good use of them too, so we planned to make some artistically stylish curtains out of the corks of the wine bottles which could always be gathered in larger quantities without any trouble. So let’s start this project.

Cute Curtains Made with Recycled Wine Corks

In these curtains made suing the wine corks we are mainly going to use the plain uncut wine corks that are made with a specific wood type. But in certain projects we would also use some supporting accessories as the embellishments and charmers as the wine corks contain the same wooden shade.
recycled wine corks

As here in this project we have resorted to mere wine corks. In making this plain and simple curtain you just need some thin strings and ofcourse the wine corks. Keep making knots on equal intervals and keep inserting and crossing through the wine corks from the string individually.
reused wine corks curtain

While here we have taken help from some additional accessories that we were talking about earlier. While making these curtains the very first thing that came to my mind that could be suitable in this curtain making were the beads that we also use in some jewelry making projects so we used them here too.
wine corks curtain with decor

If you are willing to make some straight strings of the curtain all studded with the plain wine corks, they would finally look something like this. Well, in the end we used some silken fabric pieces to tie them to give them a more organized shape.
Wine Corks Door Curtain

Although the wine corks come in same size and shape yet there might be some slighter changes there. So this is the prime task of yours to sort out the similarly sized wine corks at one place in making a set so that they look good together.
Wine Corks Recycled Curtains

Okay, here we have tried to give them a much charming and colorful look. So we have used all the accessories that are traditionally used in such curtains along with the wine corks. We could have also used tiny bells on the tails but for the time being we couldn’t find them.
Wine Corks Reused for Curtains

These wine corks recycled curtains could also be connected to a railing and on the other hand they could also be use used to cover some artistic cabinets that you don’t want to close with the conventional doors, even in this way this would look simply awesome.
wine corks reused

And lastly we have made this curtain for purely decorative purpose as we can see the curtain is installed along the wall on a plain wooden sheet. This is a kind of accent wall that would grab the immediate attention of your visitors. I think this sort of artistic ideas give your room interior a totally new and refreshing look.
Wine Corks Curtain Idea