Upcycled Tree Trunks

Trees are a key element of life. They produce oxygen that we human beings inhale and breathe. They also make our environment clean by absorbing carbon dioxide. Greenery adds beauty to our environment, and makes it more natural and livable. The trees are not just used to decor our interior but their wood is used in countless articles of daily use, furniture, doors, windows, kitchen cabinets and garden fences etc etc. The main woody stem of a tree from which its branches grow, is called tree trunk. This is the base of a tree. Instead of using entire tree by turning it into wood, its trunk could be upcycled if you just employ an appropriate idea accordingly.

If you are a nature loving person, and want to add more naturalistic and wild charm to your bedroom, you can upcycle tree trunks in various crafts that could be placed even in your bedroom or lobby. You can place a tree trunk painted according to your interior, and cut in an artistic way, like a vintage table to put some coffee on it or other room accessories like remote control or your spectacles. You can use tree trunk as base of your side lamp, or just a decoration piece containing your wine or vodka bottles like an industrial sophisticated rack.

Tree trunk could also be upcycled to a complete range of chairs and a table placed in your garden, or covered with stylish cushions on the top as sofas. Upcycle it the way you like, tree trunk is a great thing for your artistic experiments.

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