Upcycling Ideas of Wooden Barrels


Have you ever been across the barrels made art crafts? If not, then I would strongly recommend you to find some of them. If you are a creative and art loving person, I assure you, you are going to love them. A barrel, cask or a tun is a hollow cylindrical container. They are traditionally made with wooden staves bound by wooden or metal hoops to keep them intact and firm. Normally the barrel is considered to be a standard size of measure referring to a set capacity or weight of a given commodity. Well, don’t get bored by this lengthy explanation. The purpose was just to make you familiar with the stuff we are intending to upcycle in our numerous projects. These upcycling ideas of wooden barrels are literally going to mesmerize you because the delicate wood of barrels, along with the metallic hoops are just going to offer the industrial and vintage charm at the same time.

Am sure you would have seen this bulky object at least once in your life time. I do have bulk of them in my backyard. But I never trash them or just dump them, but always prefer to upcycle them with some really smart ideas. Their rustic dingy look really fascinates me a lot. With the passage of time, their wood color becomes more eye catching and appealing. We have bunch of upcycling ideas of wooden barrels which we are going to share with you here in this very tutorial.

Upcycling ideas of wooden barrels are although little hard and freaky, but they are still worth it. Use them as a giant sofa in your lobby, or use them as a big daddy planter right on the entrance of your main gate. Use them as a cradle, as a rustic coffee table, or conventional beer drum, or even as daily use furniture items.

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