Architectural Wooden Folding Chair


So guys, the project I have brought you today is totally different from the rest we have done so far. This one is going to be a damn tough and complicated architectural wooden folding chair. As the title shows that this is going to be certainly a wooden chair that would reflect immense skill of art and the carpenter. Plus it is also going to be pretty different from the conventional wooden chairs that we have recycled or seen so far. Plus it would be a folding and portable chair that can be folded and opened in the hour of need.

foldable wood chair

This is the one aspect of this wooden architectural folding chair. This is opened up to the max and shown the way in which it can be put to use. We can see some heavy metal installations on the architectural chair, I think this was the basic reason this wooden chair was named like this. Each portion is connected to the other, and each one is cut and shaped so smartly that it could be folded in such a way to turn it in a slim single unit. The basic pattern of the chair is very comprehensive as it has also got a decent portion where the legs would be having a support.
reclaimed wood carved chair

And this is the other way around, the wooden architectural chair is folded and shown that how compact it becomes on getting folded. This is pretty obvious that the wood that we have used here is quite different than that of the shipping pallets. The wooden pieces were apparently cut from a tree, and so thick wooden slabs are made the part of this wooden architectural folding chair. Though this isn’t a perfect furniture item for the domestic use, but it would enhance the skills of a carpenter and would make you familiar with the modern techniques and skills of wood works.
wood folding chair