Things to do with Wine Corks



The cork comes from stripping the bark from a tree without harming it. The bark can be left to grow back and within nine years it can regrow to be used again. Most of the people think it is a mere stopper to be placed in the drink bottles. There is hardly anything else we can think for as a use of the bottle cork. The corks come in number of sizes but the shape of a cone is what they retain. The recycled corks can be beautiful pieces of home decor. They can be changed into amazing crafts. It needs to think creatively.

Wine Cork Crafts

Wine corks can make tons of different creative things. They all don’t need any special tools or craftsmen ship but they’re all pretty easy to make and equally useful. Super crafty but simpler projects can be made out of the upcycled corks. Corks are easy to handle. Due to soft texture and easy to handle size the corks can be cut out into various shapes. The gluing of corks to each other or to a base for creating a decor piece is also an easy assignment to do. The reused corks can be carved out to make small crafts like a beautiful candle holder or can be used to create a complicated one like a bird’s house or a beaded curtain.

Things to do with Wine Corks

The images can reveal the crafty works by the wine cork. The crafts can add a natural beauty to your interiors due to the appearance of the cork. The corks crafts can be easily cut and carved to fit your choice. The corks can be organized to make the birdhouse for your garden. The corks can be arranged to create alphabetical patterns for the wall. The same can be done by making a cork trail on a piece of board to make a beautiful pattern. The bottle corks are soft enough so pierce through them, bead them together and change them into a beautiful curtain. The wine corks can be used to light up your room by making a candle stand.

Things with Wine Corks

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