Repurpose Old Barrels into Creative Rustic Decorations


Whenever we feel like being over dome with the plain wooden pallet furniture items then we stitch to some other exciting materials and some unique creations using them. Like today we have come up again with a different idea. All of you are familiar with the wooden barrels that are used in the process of making wine. When they are discarded, they can still be used by the recycling skills. Today we have compiled a whole range of the repurposed old barrels into creative rustic decorations. They would include some for the indoor and some for the outdoor as well.

Old Barrel For Garden Decor

This vintage set up seems to be set for the cow boys returning after the long spree of hunting and hanging out. A strange feeling comes from witnessing this elegant set up. And all of this is created using the old wooden barrels.
Old Barrel Furniture Idea

Here we see probably the best use of the wooden barrels in the garden décor ideas. You know what, you can really make this kind of adorable creations at your own. You just have to be gutsy and smart enough to take the initiative. Don’t worry about the material, that won’t cost much at all.
Old Barrel Garden Art

What exactly have we done here if we focus on this one, well, a broken vintage lantern, a deteriorated half cut wooden barrel although in the worst condition, a bunch of green foliage along with these artificial caricatures, and we ended making a classic garden décor just out of the scrap.
Old Barrel Garden Decor Art

While here I would say we have gone a step forward in the pursuance of spree of the barrel recycling. We managed to make this whole furniture range using the same wooden barrels. Earlier they were used to make wine, here probably to serve the wine may be.
Old Barrel Patio Furniture

Meanwhile we couldn’t forget our beloved pet dogs. Recycling the wood pallet dog house has literally become a common practice of ours, so this time we thought why not to take help from the wooden barrels, and to our surprise the barrel was just upto the mark in making the desired article.
Old Barrel Recycled Dog House

Wow, before you get started for this wooden couch make sure that you have got a plenty of time at your disposal, all of your tools are functional and you have the prior experience of making such complicated wooden creations. Or else this would prove to be a disaster and total mess.
Old Barrel Recycled Garden Bench

This kind of garden décor creations really remind me of the English literature and the poetry along with the romantic movement. I don’t know why I feel affiliated with such creations. Whatever your opinion is for this, to me this is the best thing that can be done for the garden with the wooden barrels.
Old Barrel Recycled Planter

And what about this wooden planter? I think you guys are already crushed with the impressions and impacts. I mean who on planet earth wouldn’t like to have this kind of wooden installations for their house especially the garden?
Old Barrel Repurposed Garden Art

This whole wooden barrels resembles to a room fridge. All filled with the favorite wine and scotch bottles, plus the upper floor is dedicated to the wine glasses. This whole set up is provided with all the essential elements that would be needed right at the time when you are about to take a peg.
Old Barrel Reused for Bar

Now make a comment about these fancy wooden planters made using the barrels? The good thing about the barrel creations is that we don’t have to work much on shaping them as they are already shape ideally with extreme symmetry and fine pattern. This edge is counted over pallet creations.
Old Barrel Reused for Garden Planters

All of these wooden tables were made with the same material that we are focusing on so far. Even finding bunch of wooden barrels is also not a big deal. They are very easy to find certainly not as much as the shipping pallets.
Old Barrel Rustic Furniture

And this bathroom sink is simply out of this world. No interior design intellectual would have offered you such an aesthetically perfect piece. This would reflect your higher and developed taste of aesthetics and art for sure. Just bother about the inner tray, and the rest is all done with wooden barrel.
Old Barrel Rustic Sink

This is another inspiration of the wooden table made with the old barrel. Don’t worry about the rustic condition of the wooden barrels. Despite of stigmatizing your room interior, the rusticity of them would enhance the beauty of your room interior by a hundred times. So I would urge you to try making these creations.
Old Barrel Rustic Table

At the first look, these vintage single couches are hard to figure out that they are recycled using the wooden barrels. But pondering upon the back of the couches we realize that the wonders are made to happen with the same material that is the topic of the day.
Old Barrel Seating

This old barrel recycled table which has also got a storage chest inside it, I am literally onto it. It has got such an irresistible beauty that can’t simply be ignored. It would fetch you all the praises and appreciation by the visitors or whoever sees this marvelous creation made with the cheapest material.
Old Barrel Table with Storage

And this coffee table that was again made with the wooden barrel that was earlier being used to store the supplies of water. We just thought that this would be an even better used of the wooden stuff. And I think we were absolutely right in this regard.
Old Barrel Vintage Coffee Table

I know looking at the different methods of recycling the old barrels, you guys are already convinced and started making arrangements for the wooden barrels. Even I would suggest you to give them a try atleast once in a life time. Finding these old barrels is not hard at all. You would experience a change as a carpenter and crafter. And I guess these creations might be used throughout the house, though the canvas for this isn’t as big as for the wood pallet, but still these creations are more than worth being considered at least once in a life time.
Repurpose Old Barrel Ideas