Recycled PVC Pipe Projects


PVC or polyvinyl chloride is the third most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. This plastic is mostly used in making the pvc pipes which are used worldwide in the houses underground for the water supply. They are closely associated with this task but they could be used on various other places. Here in this article we would be talking about recycling the pvc pipes and turning them to the other practical art crafts. Earlier we have worked a lot on pallet recycling. But this one is also as useful as pallet recycling. Many similar ideas of pallet wood are going to be applied here in pvc pipes recycling.

Recycled PVC Pipe Projects

First of all here is a vertical garden which was being made earlier with the wooden pallets but here it is replaced with the pvc pipes. You can use even the leftovers here in making this vertical garden project.
Recycled PVC Pipe Wall Planters

Pvc pipes come in a whole range of size and color. Their diameter varies according to the tasks they are used for. Here in this pvc recycling projects we see a number of large diameter holding pvc pipes turned into conventional planters put on a metallic stand.
PVC Pipe Herb Planter

The next one is a unique coat rack. Same pvc pipes are fixed and joined together like an erect pole and there are certain handles which can carry a number of your accessories like your coat and your umbrella. This is a very smart use of leftover pvc pipes giving you the maximum utility.
Recycled PVC Pipe Ideas

Oops, what would you say about this genius recycling idea of pvc pipes. I mean it simply lacks nothing. Style, cost effectiveness, utility and charm every thing at its peaks simply. This could be named as a huge pvc pipe recycled TV stand cum cabinet where a number of other accessories could also be stored.
Recycled PVC Pipe Furniture

Are you sick of the same typical wooden coffee tables and want to bring about a change in your room interior? Its nevertheless a bad idea to replace it with a pvc pipe recycled coffee table. Look at the entire structure of this pvc pipe coffee table having a glass top and wheels on the bottom. A real beauty.
PVC Pipes Ideas

Wow, I literally have got no words to express my feelings for this pair of pvc pipes recycled chairs. They are a true demonstration of art and skill. Use them indoors or outdoors wherever you like.
Recycled PVC Pipe Chairs

My goodness. How could you guys go this far, I mean this is the peak of imagination and creativity. The old conventional glass or china vases are replaced here with the pvc pipes recycled vases. They are a perfect blend of art style and aesthetics. Place them on your centre table as a decoration piece.
PVC Pipe Upcycled Decor Crafts

If you are not having the enough of mud planters, these huge pvc pipes are a real savior for you guys here. Look at these awesome pvc recycling projects, you certainly wouldn’t have seen such creative and artistic pvc planters before in your life.
Recycled PVC Pipe Hanging Planter

Our electronic gadgets cost us a lot. So it is a smart idea to take best care of them to prevent any physical damage. Here in this project we can see a pvc pipe recycled laptop stand which would keep it above ground and ensure its safety.
Recycled PVC Pipe Labtop Project

The final one is a real present for all the art lovers out there. Do not just go for conventional stuff, make experiment and bring some sizzling spice of change in your dull and boring life. This is a splendid wall book shelf for all the book lovers. Keep your books well arranged and safe as well.
PVC Pipes Reused Bookshelf

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