Ideas for Blocks of Concrete


We see solid concrete blocks in our surroundings almost in every construction site. They are probably the most integral part of construction. Concrete blocks are made from the cast concrete. Sand and fine gravel is also used in their making. Normally they are designed in such a manner that they have hollow centers to reduce their weight or also to improve the insulation. Their use certainly allows the conventional masonry style with layers. But do not just go for regular uses, just ponder upon their unique design, they could also be used in some of the creative ideas.

Blocks of Concrete Decor

They are a perfect material for specially load bearing walls. American suburban houses typically employ a concrete foundation and slab with a concrete foundation and slab with a concrete block wall on the perimeter. All of this obviously elaborates their use in construction of buildings. But we are planning to look at them from a different perspective. We have to look at them artistically, and use them in some artistic work. We have already used them in some of the art crafts earlier in our website. Now once again we are going to discuss about some possibilities and feasibilities of being used I some other art crafts. These concrete blocks are becoming pretty trendy in being used artistically. Many of the urban interior designers are busy experimenting with them.
Blocks of Concrete Ideas

Today we have brought you the inspiration of using them as some solid planters. We have used many clay pots, mason jars and wooden pallets as planters but now we are going to turn these concrete block with hollow centers into planters. Their hollow center gives you the opportunity to fill it with soil that is most important for the plants. And these concrete blocks are all set to replace the regular common planters.
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