Creative Recycled Shelves

Shelves are the wooden or concrete made storage surfaces that give you a stylish look to place different objects on them to avoid a messed up or dispersed view in your room. Mostly the shelves are installed adjacent to the wall, because of this you spare more space in your room. These shelves are commonly used to place and display books, crockery items, decoration pieces, vases, photo frames, and of course your medals, shields, and distinction certificates. Beautifully and appropriately installed shelf not only provides a safety to your delicate and fragile items, but also enhances the interior beauty of your room or kitchen.

Though every house needs conventional shelves and should be necessarily made with wood or concrete, but if you use your mind in an artistic and creative way, you could use several other items as recycled shelves. These recycled shelves are much more than just shelves, they would be economical, more spacious, eye catching and artistic.

Supposedly, you could use the square or rectangular wooden planks as kitchen shelves where you could easily categorize the spices and crockery. Or just by removing the upper card board of an old guitar, you could have more stylish space for your books, by placing two wooden ladders and placing flat planks on each step horizontally. You can use wood pallets kept on one another to make a book shelf. These up cycled creative shelves are simply awesome. They are different, they reflect your creativity. These recycled shelves are far better than the conventional ones.

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