Plastic Bottle Recycling Ideas


A plastic bottle is certainly a bottle that is made with plastic. These plastic bottles are used to contain liquids like water, soft drinks, motor oil, cooking oil, medicine, shampoo and milk etc etc. their sizes vary from tiny to large sized bottles having capacity of many liters. We have talked so much about recycling different stuff, but recycling plastic bottles is so immense in its dimensions that you would just keep on counting that how many ways you can recycle these plastic bottles. There are almost hundreds of uses of these trashed plastic bottles, you can give them new life by recycling them.

Recycling is a great art of recycling various stuff and giving them new life to gain maximum utility from them. These ordinary plastic bottles are just dumped or thrown away out of the houses after we are done with them. Have you ever thought of recycling a plastic bottle? Doesn’t its unique design fascinate and compel you to make something more creative and lively out of them? If not, then we have brought you some electrifying ideas that will force you to labor your innovation and escalate your aesthetics.

Now being specific about the crafts that you can make out of these plastic bottles, get ready to be jolted. You can make entire practical boat with the help of these plastic bottles by upcycling them, shocked? No need. More ideas are on your way. Make giant trash cans by recycling plastic bottles, make your hut like house having walls made of recycled plastic bottles, you would love spending your spare time here. Make your own styled pergolas in your patio passage or make giant sized caricatures scaring kids. Make a shower to water your beloved plants, make pencil containers, tiny planters and what not, you just name it.

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