Wooden Sticks Architectural Project in Japan


Japan is a country which is famous for its skyscrapers. These sky staring buildings are the giant structure and master pieces of architectural skills. There was a time when the concrete was the only material used wholly in the construction of giant tall skyscrapers, but Japan is turning to be a country where wooden sticks are being used in mega architectural projects. If promoted and accepted, this design is going to be the tallest wood frame structure in the world. Counter intuitive as it may seem, sustainable timber framing can be more eco friendly than steel and concrete construction. This is also precisely the premise that pitches wood sticks as the primary building material.

Many architectural experts hold the opinion that these wood sticks are renewable and lighter in weight. In this way they cost us less in both, money and fuel to transport. And at the same time these wooden sticks architectural projects are far better and unique than the conventional concrete structures. Many of us are not aware of the fact that wood can perform far better than steel in case of fire. Steel immediately heats up and buckles, while on the other hand the architectural projects made with wooden sticks would first lose its water weight, then it would also resist the fire flames.

Wooden sticks architectural projects made in Japan are incredibly unique and eye catching as they are quite different from conventional steel or concrete structures. In wooden stick architectural projects, everything that is visible celebrates the use of wood in the structure. Pillars, beams and ceilings, walls and window frames on each floor. At the same time this would be a great view for the external viewers as well witnessing wooden sticks architectural project. Designers say that wood is one of nature’s most innovative building materials. As the production has no waste products and it binds CO2 as well.

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