Upcycled Book Table Ideas


This wood pallet recycling is just a strange activity, it is literally an obsession, this is a hunger, a nasty lust and craving for more and more wooden pallet recycled ideas and projects. This is pretty obvious and also the human nature that when you are having the complete control over your desired things, your finances are not compromised, and you can demonstrate your skills freely, you would literally be dragged towards this activity. Same is the case with pallet wood recycling. Here are some upcycled book table ideas, they would certainly be different from typical tables with some provision of book storage space.

Upcycled Pallet Book Table

Though we have already recycled a number of cable reel upcycled tables, but this one is obviously quite different. This has different segments which are basically a provision for the storage of books. This large wood cable reel recycled book table can take care of all of your books collection at one place.

Upcycled Cable Reel Book Table

Wow, this is just an innovative initiative taken by some art fanatic. This actually isn’t one unit assembled wood pallet recycled table. We have two circular wooden sheets, we placed the smaller one on the ground and started piling up the books one on another in a twisted way, and lastly we placed the bigger one on the top.
Upcycled Book Table

Oh my GOD, my great GOD, this pallet thing is just getting crazy with every passing day. I mean could any professional envision a book table like this one? Absolutely not. This is only the job of a crazy wood pallet crafter.
Upcycled Book Table Seat

I really had no idea at all that all of these books upcycled table ideas are going to be that crazy. This is a large collection of books, so what we actually did here, instead of taking the help from some proper wooden book shelf or table, we shaped the pile of books just like a table.
Upcycled Book Table Plans

As I said earlier that these books upcycled tables are going to get even crazier with every next project, and that could easily be observed in this project. Can you figure out that what is exactly the shape of this books upcycled table?
Upcycled Book Table Ideas

And now this is something common, something usual. This is a wood pallet recycled table that is having ample storage space, and that storage space is obviously going to be used for the books. This would certainly be a best place for your precious books which are your best companion in loneliness.
Upcycled Book Side Table

This is again a common and multi purposed wood pallet upcycled books table. Actually we wanted it to be used for multiple purposes at the same time. That’s why we designed and shaped it according to a certain manner. So there is lot of space for your books, just feel free to place them inside the built in space.
Pallet Upcycled Book Table

In the end we again made some best use out of wooden cable reel that could have been a mere trash stuff or pretty useless thing, but this is the blessing of recycling for sure.
Cable Reel Book Table Pallet Book Table Recycled Pallet Book Table Recycled Cable Reel Book Table