Wooden Pallet Upcycled Lamps


We have brought you guys some countless pallet wood recycling ideas that are the part of your lives. We are receiving very encouraging response, and this shows that you guys are taking so damn interest in all of these pallet wood creations. Since we have worked a lot on various mixed pallet wood creations, here we bring a specialized article where we are going to give you some decent wooden pallet upcycled lamp ideas. These basic inspirations are just a starter. You can make the modifications according to your desires. Let’s have a glimpse of these wood pallet lamps that we have created especially for you.

pallet lamp crafts upcycled pallet lamp

Coming across such unique wooden creations would be something uncommon, because people usually don’t bother to take risk of bringing home such crazy wooden creations. Only if you are a pallet wood crafter and general art lover, then you would realize the beauty and importance of these wood pallet repurposed lamps. To make it a multi purposed wood pallet room installation, we have created a provision as a wine glass stand, so you can also use it as a side table as well. Just do some fine sanding and just don’t worry about the staining, it has got its own charm.
pallet lamp ideas reclaimed pallet lamp

This is an ideal wood pallet room fixture. You always need a decent room lamp for a controlled flow of light inside the bedroom. Use the conventional lamp shade that we usually see, but the stand of the lamp would be manufactured with the wood pallet. You can see that the quality of shipping pallets isn’t that fine, plus the electric supply box is also fixed on the base plank. This carries the power button just like other common lighting room lamps. And the base is kept a bit wider so that the lamp stays erect and does not fall away.
pallet lamp wooden pallet lamp recycled pallet lamp

If we look at the entire structure of the wood pallet lamp, we can clearly see some proper arrangements that are done to adjust the lamp shade upward or downward. Steel screws, and sockets are the accessories that would be needed in making these wood pallet lamps. This is actually a unit made with different components all made using the same wood pallet. We have connected different wood pallet planks in such a manner that the stand could be moved in multiple directions to fix the light flow ideally.
pallet lamps pallet lamp art

As we said earlier that all of these crazy wood pallet creations aren’t that simple to digest for some common users. They might find countless flaws in the basic structure, design and shape as well. But if you are the one who is much connected with the art and art crafts, then you would love to bring one of these wood pallet repurposed lamps home. Because you can not always go for some traditional stuff that you are left with. Just like this rustic and dingy wood pallet made room lamp. The shade is common one, while the stand is all made with the wood pallet.
reclaimed pallet lamp ideas wooden pallet lamp plans