Upcycling Ideas for Pallet Wood


Pallet wood is a strange creation for all the art lovers. This comes free of cost and easily available everywhere. So its easy and cheap availability gives all the freedom to the art crafters. So today we are going to work on some of the upcycling ideas of pallet wood. For instance here we see a combined pallet bar. This is a huge pallet bar where you can place wine bottles and wine glasses as well on a number of built in racks. Along with a number of hanging hooks this is a unique design of a home bar upcycled with the pallet wood.

BBQ Side Table with Pallets

Vertical garden has remained in our focus for many projects. This is a superb substitute for the ones who love to have a green landscape but don’t have ample space for this. So this vertical garden is a beautiful and easy solution for them. This vertical garden is entirely upcycled with the wooden pallet. The upper pallet planks are colored differently to make the project look more lively and appealing. And the mud pots are hooked up on the pallet planks making it a practical vertical garden. This is easy and cheap cost wise.
Creative Projects from Old Wooden Pallets

A bedroom is never complete unless it has not got a master bed for it. We buy certain expensive beds for our homes and bedrooms. They are pretty expensive cost wise. But if you start upcycling the pallet wood you just simply find out very easy solution of your problems. As the pallet upcycled bed is totally free of cost, just some minor expenses occur like glue and nails. Here in this project we see a very splendid bed is recycled using the pallet wood. Its whole structure plus the head board is also made with the raw pallets.
Pallet Bed Headboard

Here in the next project we see a couple of rustic wooden shelves. The shelves installed along the wall clearly depict the use of upcycled pallet wood and they are left untreated, that means that they are neither stained nor sanded to maintain the same rustic look of the pallet wood. Wall shelves are a necessary element of a house hold. You can not always just stuff up the drawers and cabinets of the furniture with the additional stuff, so when you need some additional space and kind of storage hacks, these wall shelves are going to help you a lot.
upcycled pallets shelves

If everything at your house is branded and pretty expensive, add a recycled item and it would just trigger the interior beauty of your place. A finely upcycled furniture article is just like fetching class and style. Like here we see a stunning coffee table along with reclaimed metallic wheels making it totally mobile. A single fine whole pallet is used making thins low tiny coffee table. Then it is painted as brown to add more charm and style to the pallet upcycled table. This would have cost pretty high if bought from the market but here it took only the expertise and ofcourse pallet wood.
wood pallet table

Finally we come across a very artistic and natural project. The kids are addicted to play in mud, they just love it. I have never forbidden my kids to play in the mud as it gives a strange feeling of pleasure, more close to the nature. If you want your kids to play and do not want them to go out there in the street then bring them this pallet upcycled play area. Pallet upcycled benches and middle space is all made using pallet wood. Your kids are going to love it.
Wooden Pallet Backyard Sandbox

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