Driftwood Yard Art

Driftwood is mostly the remains of trees that is washed onto a shore or beach of a sea, lake or river by the act of winds tides or waves. These wood pieces are scattered on the beach. They usually provide shelter to the birds, plants or some other species. In some waterfront areas driftwood is a major nuisance. It just floats on the ocean a finally keep accumulating on the seashore. This useless looking stuff is used in countless art crafts. Many sculptures are made with driftwood on beaches or mudflats. This is also used as part of decorative furniture or other art forms and other than that, a famous element in the scenery of fish tanks.

This driftwood art is such an inspiration for all the art loving people that it attracts them a lot, it fascinates and lures them. Now the idea which we have come up with is to use this driftwood art in your yard to have some wild optics in your own premises. You can use it in various crafts to décor your yard and add lots of vintage touch.

You can use it as planter, or a tree trunk of driftwood as a sitting sofa or as a boundary line of main entrance of your home. You can hang pretty mason jars or some chimes on a rough dingy driftwood piece out in your yard. You can make numerous caricatures as a welcome statement in your yard.

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